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About Us

What Is a Nutrition Club?

A Nutrition Club is a supportive community setting for people to focus on good nutrition and a Healthy Active Lifestyle through the education and use of nutritonal supplements and Healthy Active Community Activities.  Nutrition Clubs are not retail stores, agencies or restaurants, Nutrition Clubs are about creating a fun, social experience




Nutrition Clubs provide their members with regular opportunities to socialize, as well as frequent educational and coaching sessions on nutrition, wellness and weight management while familiarizing themselves with our product options. With regular visits, Nutrition Club members may begin to notice product results and are encouraged to share their success story at the Club. Building a supportive community through fun activities and recognition fosters personal relationships, which is the essence of our industry.

The primary objective of a Nutrition Club is to provide balanced daily nutrition.  Nutrition Club members can visit the Club regularly during regular operating hours. By paying a minimal membership fee, club members enjoy our nutrition products, the benefit of our instructional materials about healthy eating and exercise, and ongoing support for their nutritional and wellness goals from the Club coaches and other members. As you experience positive results over time, Nutrition Club members can share those results in a friendly, social setting with other new incoming members. You may also decide to purchase our products for home use or decide to become a coach yourself. The daily reinforcement of personal goals is what helps members stay focused in reaching their own personal wellness & nutrition goals.

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Weight Loss Challenge

Weight Loss Challenge is a great way for people to discover our support system. Past attendees have

had such a great experience they usually spread the word to others, creating a need to host another

Weight Loss Challenge. With 1 hr weekly meetings, nutrition tips, and designated coaches to keep

participants motivated to follow a healthy diet and increase physical activities, participants will be on

their way to their desired weight.  Call the club NOW to inquire about our next Weight Loss Challenge





What Is Fit Club?


Fit Club is a COMPLIMENTARY service we offer club members*. Fit Club is a fun way to

get a great workout with your friends. Join other Club members doing your favorite

activities, or we'll help you create your own activity group.  Together we CAN create a 

Healthy Active Community for our families, neighbors, co workers and friends.  

Call us to find out when our next fit meet up will be and where.





What Is Sampling?

Call ahead and Pre-Register for one of our FREE Sampling Events.  
"Come try" one of our famous Healthy Meal Replacement shakes or a Herbal Energy Drink (green tea & herbal blend). It's the best meal you'll get all day including: vitamins, minerals, balanced carbs / fats/ and protein. It's fast food that's good for you – what a concept!


Are meal replacement shakes healthy?


First, let’s not get meal replacement shakes confused with protein shakes. Protein shakes are primarily protein

based whereas meal replacement shakes have proportioned amounts of protein, carbs, fats and fiber.


We carry both options but want to focus on Meal Replacement right now. And now that we’ve

established the difference between the two type of shakes, let’s talk about meal replacement shake benefits:




  • Meal replacement shakes provide more healthy proteins to the average American Diet.*

  • They are typically balanced with the right portions of protein, carbohydrate, and fat at the appropriate calorie level.*

  • Shakes are also really quick, portable and convenient, great tasting and nutrient dense.*

  • They’re low in calories and an easy way to help you work towards weight management.*

  • They can also help fill nutritional gaps you may not be getting through your typical diet.*


That said, not all meal replacement shakes are created equal. Not every meal replacement shake is well balanced. For example, there are some popular meal replacement shakes that you might be familiar with that are packed with sugar. Unless you're trying to put weight on, I would recommend avoiding these products that are loaded with carbs and sugar and making sure you stick to the meal replacement shakes with a good ration of protein, carbs and fat. 


RULES WE GO BY:  #1 - When reading your nutrition facts, if the sugar is higher than the protein then consider it a snack and excess calories towards your daily intake.  #2 - Avoid sugar free or fat free, ask us why.


Where ever you're ordering shakes over the counter, ask your shake maker to show you the nutrition facts of the shake you're consuming. Be informed and educated on what you're consuming. Not all "diet" shakes are made equal.


Eat smarter today for a better tomorrow.  


*These statements have not been evaluated by the fda.
*This product is not intended to diagnose treat cure or prevent any disease.


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